Table Tennis

The Ladder

The Rules

Monday night is our social 'Games Night' - starts at 7pm.

On Games Night - games play up to 11. Individuals playing matches can play up to 21 if they wish when they have booked the hall for their match only.

Players challenge the person above them on the ladder.

Once challenged you have 2 weeks to play else you conceed the match. Players should be reasonable regarding holidays etc.

You challenge someone by emailing them. Check availability of the OPRR (the calendar is on this site's Home page).

Once your match is agreed email Carol so that the calendar can be updated and you know you can borrow a key for the duration of your match. The key must be returned promptly.

When your booking is made we will change the ladder so that your pair of names are highlighted to show that you are going to play a match. You can't challenge a highlighted name as they may move.

Update the ladder here once you've played - this is important as others will be challenging based on the ladder so it needs to be up to date.

A match is the best of 3 games.

A match donation to OPRR is £1 per player.

OPRR donation is £1 per player on Games night.